Long Bar Pointe development project in Manatee County is exciting

July 14, 2013 

I do enjoy sitting in my kitchen looking out on the mangroves and the expanse of beautiful Sarasota Bay. I really enjoy the sunsets. I was lucky as I bought my home 25 years go. The public, unfortunately, has limited access to this beauty.

I have studied the proposal made by Carlos Beruff for Long Bar Pointe. The plan is so much more than "more homes" with strictly private access to our unique coast line.

The creation of a small marina with limited access is very attractive to me and should be a boon to all Manatee County residents and guests. A pleasant meal and a waterfront vista -- wonderful. Public access is important; it is the right way to maximize our natural beauty.

The issue is the channel which will allow boat access. This environmental issue has been studied extensively; the impact will be minimal. The ecology will be maintained and the public the real beneficiary.

The government agencies that will hopefully approve this unique concept includes: the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission among many. The project is thoughtful and mindful of our natural resources.

As for my neighbors, this project will allow for many amenities which do not exist presently. A hotel for my guests and yours, a modest ballroom for special events, outdoor dining and modest shopping. We can even bike to these venues.

Will new homes drag down real estate prices? I think not. We will become a true destination for many, including international clientele related to IMG.

It is exciting. Yes, there will be more traffic but this is inevitable. I vote yes for this project.

Harris Silverman, M.D.


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