Joe McClash review request of Longboat Key project seems 'old hat'

July 14, 2013 

In reference to former Manatee County commissioner Joe McClash's request for an "administrative review" of a Longboat Key environmental project, this sounds a bit too much like "old hat."

Every so often someone opines that "something should be done about Greer Island (a.k.a. Beer Can Island)."

Well, here is another opinion: Leave it alone just as it is. Nature has always had a way of adjusting things at the north end of Longboat Key and, if left alone, in all probability will replenish and erode just as it always has.

I was raised in this area and have had the pleasure of living in the Manatee end of the Key over these past 32 years, during which the sand has more or less done as nature dictated.

Rather than get something expensive going again in Manatee County politics, wouldn't it have been acceptable to just lay out the aerial maps of that area and observe the changes rather than ask the Department of Environmental Protection and the legal arm to intercede?

Mr. McClash served Manatee County well for 22 years and it surprises me that he may not have availed himself of this pictorial data before trying to beat nature.

Since Mr. McClash appears interested in getting back to work and especially on the north end of Longboat Key, might I suggest he concentrate his efforts toward getting a new bridge to Longboat Key that will bypass Bradenton Beach and Cortez.

Rolland S. Freeman

Longboat Key

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