Founders cited Creator as granting rights of Americans

July 13, 2013 

How appropriate that, on the same day that Myra Jones' letter against the Christian origins of America appeared on the Opinion page, the full-page ad "In God We Trust" appeared in the same issue. By itself it negates many of her statements.

A brief correction needs to be made, however. The rights guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence were granted by our Creator, not by nature. Nature's laws are single and brutal: kill or be killed, eat or be eaten.

Why do anti-religionists constantly distort our Founders' beliefs? Is it the dismissal of the faith and beliefs of our Founders, those who established this exceptional and greatest of nations?

For consider the devastation wrought by "progressive" ideologies on our schools, our churches, our morality, our culture: the decline of marriage and the nuclear family; the destructive growth of illegitimacy and the resultant growth of crime, drug addiction and gang activity; the dramatic rise of suicide rates as the security of faith, family and morality erodes; the assault on the sanctity of human life (no-kill for pets, but the abortion of unwanted babies) and on and on.

Such moral desolation. Liberty without faith and morality breeds license and anarchy.

Paul Scheele


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