Liberals invent crises to pose as problem-solvers

July 12, 2013 

In his Herald guest column of July 7, 2013, Manatee County Administrator Ed Hunzeker devotes a lot of his column dismissing Dr. Richard Conard as uninformed or ignorant of the indigent health care cost problem.

What Mr. Hunzeker and other liberals fail to recognize is that the problem with health care in general is that it's not affordable. Duplication, redundancy, over-medication, and the threat of unreasonable litigation combine to make health care far too expensive for most people to afford.

No one at any level -- local, state, or federal -- is addressing health care costs, only who pays the bill and how to pay. Hospitals and other health care service providers must first address their costs and reduce their expenses.

Also, Mr. Hunzeker fails to admit that there is no crisis. There is no health care crisis, just like there is no immigration crisis, no gay rights crisis, no global warming crisis, no education crisis.

Liberal programs like Obamacare, immigration reform, cap and trade, Common Core, and others are created as solutions to problems subtly created by liberals themselves in order for them to look like problem solvers and heroes.

When less than a 10th of 1 percent of the adult population is without health insurance, there is no crisis. All these "crises" are designed to wrest money and power from the public and place it in the hands of a few.

Their is one real crisis we are facing: the crisis of liberalism intruding into our daily lives. Liberals all believe they have the authority to dictate to the rest of us simply because of their titles. They are wrong. They must be opposed and defeated at all levels.

Doug Egger


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