Soy products miscast for variety of reasons

July 9, 2013 

In a letter published on July 4th submitted by Kathy Solomon of Parrish, there are a number of factual errors concerning soy products.

To begin with Ms. Soloman claims that soy seeds contain glyphosate, a herbicide. Contrary to her statements the GMO soy seeds contain a gene that is commonly labeled CP4 EPSPS, which makes the soy plant tolerant to application of herbicides containing glyphosate.

She also is in error of when she states that glyphosate mimics estrogen. To do so it would have to conform in shape to the estrogen receptors in the human body, which is absolutely does not.

There also a reference to use of sludge to make imitation meat products. In reality this is made from soybean flour, which has been on the market since long before genetic modification.

The only "sludge" in the soybean processing is the high molecular weight material distilled off the soybean oil processing. It is this material that contains the valuable high molecular weight fatty acids, phytoestrogens (isoflavones) and lecithin mixtures. This is the most valuable of all soybean products. She may also be interested in knowing that nearly all phytic acid is removed during processing.

Thomas Brown, FDA (retired)


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