Obama administration failing to address key issues

July 9, 2013 

Our president is obviously very busy. As commander in chief he has not responded to several issues under his watch.

Here are a few examples:

Benghazi: Where are the survivors, who was responsible for lack of security and what did he know, where was he?

Fast and Furious: A border guard was killed.

Sixteen trillion dollar debt and still rising, IRS abuses, Clapper and Holder lying to Congress, ACORN name change and no comment, sealed records, incessant lies, and obscene spending on a trip to Africa during sequestration, widespread secrecy, targeting conservative donors, drone kill list, billions of tax dollars to enemy countries, Associated Press scandal, DOJ spying on the press? The list goes on.

Our economy is in terrible condition and no budget in five years. Our handling of foreign affairs is shocking.

Perhaps he is busy watching TV to get caught up on the news.

Robert Sally


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