Nation has transformed and is now difficult to recognize

July 8, 2013 

I was born out of USA but has been in the country for about 30 years. I entered the country legally and through sacrifice and hard work I became what I am today. My native Colombia gave me the tools to be independent and self reliant and my parents were a model of responsibility.

I have experienced the gradual transformation of this great country into something difficult to recognize. I am as American as they come and feel a great deal of patriotic sentiments, enhanced by self learning about the roots and foundation of the USA.

I read some letters to the editor with disbelief and dismay. It seems that many people in this country are from a different planet and pretend to rewrite history based on their feelings and opinions, ignoring the facts ingrained into the very fabric of the country.

It is obvious that the political system has created new rights and entitlements, culminating in the election of a socialist community organizer with a well known radical past but ignored by the very many people who elected him at the expense of the country.

These people are the same ones who send opinions to this paper negating the Christian roots and the amazing influence of biblical truths into the creation of the best constitution ever crafted in the history of mankind.

I was allowed to be all I could be thanks to the same system that in the past rewarded effort and dedication rather than race and special privileges. It seems that ignorance and laziness are now new virtues created by the socialist-progressives in power.

My hard work and contribution to society is redistributed to the same ones that are entitled at the expense of someone else's labor.

A recent letter is wrong when it asserts being gay is "biological," citing science. Unbelievable.

Diego Fallon, M.D.


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