Bradenton, unite and acquire Iwo Jima statue

July 7, 2013 

On Wednesday I decided to take a survey of everyone I met as to how they felt about placing the Iwo Jima statue in Bradenton.

Everyone agreed we should work to have it here: my writing class members, the people in line at Sweetbay, my neighbors at Belmont Park Apartments, people at the gas station, and folks who called on the phone all agreed we should work to place the statue in a special place in our town.

One said, "Sarasota's loss is Bradenton's gain."

I personally felt it should not have been placed alongside the other statue on Sarasota Bay -- although I love it, too -- but in a more dignified special place.

It is, after all, commemorating the death of over 6,000 American troops, people of all cultures. The Sarasota Art Committee vote gave us an opportunity to do it right.

Where can we send our money to support the Bradenton effort?

Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier


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