Manatee County Long Bar Pointe plan too harmful to ecosystem, neighborhoods

July 7, 2013 

My family has owned our home in Bayshore Gardens since 1967. I am the third family member to reside in this fine home. I live here all year.

I am strongly against the development of Long Bar Pointe.

First is the damage it would do to the mangroves. The mangroves play many important roles, stopping erosion, and more important, absorbing storm surge during bad weather. Removing the mangroves places all of us who live near the coast in greater danger.

Oh, that we could learn from Mexico, where mangroves are protected and cannot be removed.

Second, a 300 boat marina is huge. It would do great damage to the water and to any fish and manatee that live in the water in addition to the pollution and noise it would bring.

Third, the land infrastructure cannot handle a resort and development of that size. There would only be two entries. One would be Bayshore Gardens Parkway, a street lined with homes in a large residential neighborhood. These people don't want their front lawns to become a street as busy as Cortez road.

The other would be 53rd Street West, a road with similar problems.

Just because the land is there does not mean it should be developed, and especially not in a design of this size. The increased development by IMG is going to cause enough of a transportation gridlock. Please do not add more.

Please, commissioners, you were elected by the people who live here, not the land developers. Please take into account what the people who elected you want, and it's not this huge resort.

I look forward to learning of your support.

Deborah Carlsen Korell


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