TPA and SRQ expect fewer travelers on the Fourth

newsintern@bradenton.comJuly 4, 2013 

MANATEE -- Tampa International Airport and Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport expect slow traffic on this year's Independence Day.

"In general our holiday traffic is slow on Fourth of July," said Janet Zink, spokeswoman for TPA.

According to Zink, travel traffic picks up to its normal routine July 3 and July 5.

"On July 4th, we rarely see anyone, unlike holidays such as Christmas where travelers travel on actual Christmas day," Zink said.

Rick Piccolo, president and CEO of SRQ, sees similar patterns at the smaller

local airport.

"I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary," Piccolo said.

The lack of traveling doesn't seem to be an issue for aiports. Piccolo thinks these patterns are normal considering people tend to travel less to Florida during the summer, so having a slow day on the Fourth of July is no surprise.

"Summer season is pretty slow, but it's not unordinary," Piccolo said.

For those who will be traveling on this day, both airports will stay open and continue their normal traveling schedules.

"Even though it's a holiday there will be a normal continue of employees available," Piccolo said.

But Miami International Airport is expecting more than half a million passengers for the July 4th holiday weekend, the Associated Press reported.

MIA officials said more than 550,000 travelers will go through the airport between Wednesday and Sunday. Last year's holiday weekend saw about 557,000 passengers. The Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday last year, and airport officials say weekend numbers usually spike because of cruise vacationers.

TPA expects to have enough travelers to keep the airport busy.

"Usually we have a fewer than 40,000 passengers on July 4th compared to it being a little over 40,000 on regular days," Zink said.

So it's good to know that long lines at check-in desks and security checks will not be a problem for SRQ and TPA travelers this holiday week -- but still expect some waiting and anticipating.

"For now it's just steady," Zink said. "You just have normal traffic before and after the holiday but either way, there will always be people going in and out."

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