A Herald carrier earns kudos for special service

July 4, 2013 

I'm writing this letter to give a word of praise to the woman who delivers our Herald newspaper. This past Sunday the weather was rainy; however, my husband went outside and brought our newspaper in before the rain came pouring down.

As we settled in to have breakfast and enjoy our morning Sunday paper our doorbell rang! Caught by surprise, because we never have early visitors and it was pouring out, curiously my husband answered the door.

To our surprise it was our newspaper carrier checking in to find out if we received a wet paper and if we needed a dry one. My husband assured her that it was dry and that we are always grateful for her wonderful service.

As my husband and I returned to enjoying our Sunday breakfast and newspaper, it tugged on my heart that this woman went out of her way to make sure her customers were OK in receiving a dry newspaper.

We really felt that her above-normal, out-of-her-way customer service deserved recognition. I do not know her name, but I am certain that you can find out by our home address.

Please let her know that we are so pleased to have her as our newspaper carrier and we appreciate her wonderful service.

Thank you!

Barbara Alpert


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