Keep pets safe, secure on explosive Fourth of July

July 3, 2013 

Please, do not take your dogs to the July 4 celebration, and do not leave your dog or cat outside unattended as the day draws closer. There are those who will celebrate before and after the Fourth with fireworks.

Some dogs (and cats) will think the world is ending. They will run; they will be picked up by Animal Services at best. At worst, they will get hit by a car and die in the road.

We as a country like to support the Fourth of July. At home, there are those who have fireworks or we go to a friend's house where they have sky rockets (I know, they are against the law but that's beside the point).

The point is, come July 5 there will be a lot of dogs and cats that have gone missing and will turn up at Manatee County Animal Services.

By law, Animal Services is required to take in those animals, which means if they cannot double up in the runs, if they cannot find space for the pets that panic and run blindly, dogs will have to die in order to make room for the ones that you lost due to fireworks exploding and the pets in a panic that run.

Pay attention, share this. It doesn't matter if your friend in Seattle, Washington reads it, or El Paso, Texas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or anywhere else, it applies all over this country! If you are on Facebook, share!

Help save a pet's life. Remind people to keep their pets safe on July 4.

I volunteer at Animal Services and I know only too well how crowded this facility can be for the majority of the time.

Linda Buttstead


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