CSX work on Bradenton's Sixth Avenue West railroad crossing botched

July 3, 2013 

This holiday, my guess is Bradenton's police force will be a little thin. Normally, for holiday pay, I bet they had more willing to work than needed.

This year, for over a month, the CSX cash cow has been generously flowing. I am just guessing from what I see every day that it has been a very good month for the brave men and woman in blue. So much overtime has been available to these officers.

I wonder how many are going to look at their bank statement and decide, this year, July 4 would be a good day to be with their families.

The police have been present on this project 24/7.

But CSX must have hired retired bankers for their work. I have not seen them work at night, early morning or weekends. At 7 a.m., a few blocks away, the judicial center construction workers are already sweating, but work has not started on the tracks.

Sunday? Half the police department is stationed at intersections around the project, making sure no cars drive near the idle backhoe occupying space on the tracks.

The city says their hands are tied, there was no negotiation. So I called CSX to ask them why they don't work one lane at a time, or only block the road at night, and mainly why is it taking so long?

I reached the receptionist, who answered with a well practiced company script. That was early last week. She took my name and number, but I have not heard back. I figure it was about five minutes I didn't really need.

P. David Daniels


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