Manatee school district working to sell downtown Bradenton property - again

July 2, 2013 

BRADENTON -- The Manatee County School district has listed its human resources building and surrounding property for sale -- again.

Known as the Checkers/Owens property - because it once contained a Checkers Drive In and housed the district's Human Resources Department in what was known as the Bill Owens Annex - the 65,210 square feet of commercial property is located on the southwest corner of Manatee Avenue and 1st Street West.

The school board thought they sold the land in May, after approving a $1.65 million offer from Blackrock Development. The contract was approved May 6 when the school board rejected another offer for the property.

The Contract for Sale was terminated in writing by Blackrock Development on June 12, 2013.

The Manatee District has issued a new Request for Proposal through its purchasing department. Offers are due mid-July and will be reviewed by a selection committee. The committee will make a recommendation to the Superintendent, and based upon his recommendation, a new contract will be submitted to the Board for approval.

Additional information about this property can be found on the Manatee District's website at

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