Long Bar Pointe development proposal too threatening to Sarasota Bay

July 2, 2013 

I am very disturbed by the thought of what could happen if the Manatee County Board of Commissioners approves the new proposal of Long Bar Pointe. Approval would be in favor of destroying the only large section of Sarasota Bay that is still a pristine natural environment, or commissioners are undecided and must come to realize what the awful results of this development would ultimately be. This project could cause millions of dollars in damage in the long run -- yes, I said millions.

Commissioners who vote for the project are evidently in favor of ripping out mangroves and seagrass; and dredging the bay bottom for large seagoing boats, which will make for a greater wake causing more turbidity or muddying of the waters of the bay.

These sea plants are a breeding ground for hundreds of species of sea life, and nurture young manatees and dolphins as well as providing shelter and nurturing beds for our entire fishing industry. The danger of spilled oil and oily filth running into the bay with the washing of many large boats and motors should also be considered among the detriments to this project.

But the human aspects are even more astounding than those mentioned above. Long Bar Pointe and the surrounding area is designated as a High Hazard Area. No matter what they change the zoning to, it is still a High Hazard Area!

That means that in even a minor hurricane, there would be a storm surge of 6 feet -- in a major storm the surge would be 13 feet! How would all these people who would live and be employed in that area be evacuated? What would it do to our insurance rates?

If you wish, contact your commissioners.

Larry Bustle, Chairman, 941-745-3701 (e-mail: larrybustle@my manatee.org)

Michael Gallen 941-745-3702

John R. Chappie 941-745-3700

Robin DiSabatino 941-745-3713

Vanessa Baugh 941-745-3703

Carol Whitmore 941-745-3704

Betsy Benac 941-745-3714


Karl L. Marshall


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