Undocumented residents too costly to taxpayers

July 2, 2013 

Why do we need a double-layer 20-foot-tall security fence with double razor wire top and bottom?

There are 300,000 illegal aliens incarcerated in our jails for a cost of $9 billion. Illegal aliens commit 4,000 murders a year for a cost of $8 billion. FBI statistics show illegal aliens commit 705,000 crimes per year for a cost of $17 billion.

We have 240,000 illegal alien sex offenders that commit 130,000 sex crimes a year for a cost of $7 billion.

Illegal aliens are responsible for 310,000 accidents per year -- 2,000 deaths and 140,000 injuries at a cost of $12 billion. Children born of illegal aliens attending our schools cost us $34 billion per year. Illegal aliens displace American workers at a cost of $133 billion per year.

We are losing $35 billion per year in taxes from jobs now off the books due to illegal alien workers. Households headed by illegal aliens use $10 billion more in government services than they pay in.

If the Senate's immigration bill passes, government spending will increase by $13 billion per year.

I only touched on about 60 percent of what will happen if we do not shut down the southern border and complete a double-layer fence with a road in the middle 20 feet wide for border patrol.

The cost of illegal aliens alone justifies the cost of building the fence. I don't trust the government to do this.

Both Bush presidents, Clinton and Obama do not want to close the border; they want open borders north and south. You can check all this out on the Internet under "The dark side of illegal immigration."

Mike McLeod


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