Many serve faithfully in positions of trust

June 28, 2013 

Lately, when I see some of the news media reports, I am frightened by what many people today must mistakenly think of those of us who served faithfully in positions of trust and who did not violate that trust over the years.

After nearly 80 years and having served in many of these positions of trust, I think I may speak with some authority on this subject for all of us.

Were we perfect? No! Did we ever make mistakes? Yes! Did we ever violate that trust of our family, friends, co-workers and the general public? No!

Have any others in similar positions ever violated that trust? Unfortunately, far too many.

My point is that the failure of some to deserve that trust imparted to them by those whom they served should not be a curse upon those who did their work faithfully to the best of their ability.

Please do not allow the reports of the misdeeds of a few cause you to despise or distrust those who do their best to improve the lives of all of us. Remember that these reports, while far too many, are "news" because they are not the norm!

Please, God, help those who need help to see the error of their ways, bless those who are doing their jobs well, and help us all to know the difference.

Laverne Williams


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