Holmes Beach jogger beaten unconscious in Bradenton


BRADENTON -- A 20-year-old Holmes Beach man was jogging around the baseball field at G.T. Bray Park, 5502 33rd Ave. Drive W., when he came face-to-face with three attackers June 20 as he paused to adjust his ear buds.

Soon, the victim was pummeled to the ground where he was beaten and kicked into unconsciousness. Police listed the weapons used as "hands, fist, feet and mouth."

The Blake Medical Center staff told police the victim suffered severe facial injuries during the beating, including a broken cheek bone.

The three young men who trailed the victim in the field on bicycles began the assault verbally, asking the victim what he was doing in the area and heaping other verbal abuse on him, according to the Bradenton Police Department incident report.

As the trio of attackers closed in on the victim, he told them to stay back. The tallest suspect took the first swing at the victim, who counterpunched and landed a blow.

The victim had little left to tell police as he was knocked to the ground with a blow to the head and then repeatedly struck until knocked unconscious.

When he awoke, the attackers were gone. The injured victim managed to cycle to his parent's home on his bike, he told police, Emergency medical responders then took the victim to the hospital.

The BPD is not classifying the aggravated assault as a hate crime as they are uncertain of the motive of the attackers.

Detective Sgt. Dennis Stahley reported the case is active.

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