Manatee County school board must vet top administrators

June 27, 2013 

Dear Manatee County school board members: Still not too convinced that the "no hiring of friends" rule is in force when I read the Herald articles about the executive positions.

The first two that were approved by the board the evening before rule was considered and voted upon were obviously known by Superintendent Rick Mills and Dr. Diana Green.

There is mention that the positions are on the website, and the Herald mentioned interviewing applicants and in the same article that positions are being filled -- by persons from outside the county.

I urge each board member to check how many applied -- did each one have an opportunity to be interviewed? -- and you each should check the resumes in detail and compare.

Do not give your responsibility as voter representative blanket approval to Mr. Mills, Mr. Don Hall and Dr. Green. I believe this practice is what has been the history of the board's handling of school business.

And you each have the responsibility of managing tax monies and the success of the education offered in our county. The board (and the public) has in the past blamed the failure on the employees that are hired by the board.

It is truly encouraging that we now have parents so interested in the school their children are attending that we have the parents come together to vote overwhelmingly to become a charter school. I do hope that each of you have congratulated them and will support them in all the ways possible -- not only as required but personally with encouraging words.

Regarding the citizenship issue for some of students: Is there not a program or method that those students could be studying or mentored so that when they reach the age of 18 they could become "documented" citizens?

Thank you for serving.

Wylene Graham


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