Manatee County disposal program for hazardous waste is great

June 27, 2013 

I want to send kudos to the Manatee County Solid Waste Division. Like many, I saved up lots of old cans of paint and broken electronics (TV and computers). I wanted to dispose of them in a responsible way. Earlier this month, there was a chance to bring both hazardous (paint and other fluids) and e-scraps (computers and TVs, etc).

I had not been to the dump but I imagined it would be a rat- and seagull-infested hill of filth with a stench to end all. I loaded up all my paint cans and electronics in the back of the car and off I went to Lena Road.

What a pleasant surprise! This place is well maintained with grass everywhere and paved roads. No vermin, seagulls or smell.

Because it was a special drop-off day, the roads were well marked and there were smiling people there to guide depositors into a large building where folks met each car, emptied the trunks, and wished us on our way. All with a smile.

There was even a lady handing out county recycling guides who thanked me for coming. Manatee County can be proud!

Eugene R. Lambert

Villages of Palm Aire

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