A consumer warning about 'bonded leather' furniture

June 27, 2013 

Anyone shopping for new furniture should be aware of a new way you are being scammed out of your hard earned money. When you see all the ads on TV and in print for the great prices on "bonded leather" furniture, just type in "bonded leather" to your Internet search engine and discover what bonded leather is.

Bonded leather means that about 18 percent of the backing material is made up of chopped up scraps of leftover pieces of leather that is mixed in with other material to give the surface vinyl that you actually sit on something to adhere to. Yes, that's right, not a trace of leather is in the surface material.

Most of consumers know that Faux pearls do not come from the isle of Faux, Faux means fake. But here they come up with a new term to confuse. Be an informed consumer because knowledge is power.

Scott B. Scoville


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