More Lakewood Ranch businesses should join smoking ban movement

June 26, 2013 

Smoking bans are taking place all across the country. New York City recently posted "No Smoking" signs in the Times Square pedestrian plaza. Seaside spots along the east coast are doing the same as the summer season begins.

Lakewood Ranch Main Street joined the crusade thanks to the June 1 nationwide Starbucks smoking ban policy, which states: "Smoking will be restricted within 25 feet of all stores and within company owned outdoor seating areas."

Hopefully all LWR Main Street businesses will follow because no one really wants to hold their breath as they walk through a cloud of second-hand smoke when entering an eatery, bar, store or coffee shop.

The logical choice would be to provide smoking areas away from the entrances and outdoor seating; or maybe take a page from the airline industry and create a glass-enclosed smoking area on Main Street for those who wish to avoid the Surgeon Generals Warning.

Leaders know that the right thing and the smart thing are usually the same thing. Thanks, Starbucks, for taking the lead!

Bob and Billie Delaney

Lakewood Ranch

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