Nation should focus on key issues, not abortion

June 25, 2013 

An LA Times columnist recently wrote about the tea party brewing trouble for the GOP. I must admit I partially agree.

I am very much "pro life" but I think the tea party gets far too radical on the abortion issue. I believe abortion should be ignored until the following issues are addressed. We need to focus on private sector jobs, income tax reform, smaller government, and reduction of the national debt.

In the 2010 election tea party senatorial candidates in Nevada and Delaware had no chance of winning. In the 2012 election their candidates from Indiana and Missouri were equally clueless; then of course Florida came up with Connie Mack but that's a different story.

The biggest problem facing the GOP, as well as the nation, is 50 percent of the populace is totally uninformed. I saw a student from Cal Berkeley on TV who couldn't name the vice president. He isn't alone as he is among the 50 percent who, like most in this "I don't remember" administration, suffer from amnesia.

I have news for James Frazier whose June 3 letter in the Herald suggested we should allow Obama the latitude to spend our way out of debt. This "richest nation in the world" is borrowing 40 percent of what we now spend. We aren't the richest nation in the world but Washington metro is the richest area.

When I was working on my MBA I learned I couldn't "borrow my way out of debt" so I worked. As soon as we get the private sector working, the debt will decrease.

It's time we put the IRS out of business and installed a flat or fair tax system.

Frank Eldridge

Palma Sola

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