Manatee County Mosquito Control District chronology

June 24, 2013 

Manatee County Mosquito Control District chronology

June 16, 1947: District created by the Florida Legislature

May 24, 1949: First meeting of the Board Of Commissioners. First employee is J. Burl Tuberville. First Director is John Patton (1950-1951)

1951: Second Director Robert Kemp (1951-1961) is hired.

1950s: First facility located on 13th Avenue West in Bradenton close to McKechnie Field. In July 1952 the "barn" was moved near what is now the Palmetto Police Department, then in early 1957 to its current location.

1950-1960: Long-term mosquito control using source reduction techniques such as ditching with draglines, employed in coastal areas.

1961: Lawrence Rhodes (1961-1994) hired as third director.

1967: Present Administration building constructed at 2317 Second Ave. W., Palmetto

1969: First aircraft used by the district, a leased Bell-47 helicopter.

1972: Truck spray operations switched from thermal (dense fogging)to a more efficient and effective ULV (fine mist) spraying

1974: First helicopter is purchased, a Hughes 300

1975: Purchased a Cessna 336 fixed wing aircraft

1978: Second Hughes 300 purchased

1981: Acquired Twin-Beech aircraft to replace Cessna 336, which was destroyed by a tornado.

1987-1990: Replaced both Hughes 300s (piston engines) with two Hughes 500D models (turbine engines)

1990: Statewide St. Louis encephalitis outbreak with 213 cases (four in Manatee County) and 10 deaths.

1994: Mark Lathamhired as fourth director when Rhodes retiresafter 33 years

1995: Advanced navigational equipment (GPS) installed in aircraft to improve aerial spray operations

1998: Purchased twin-engine helicopter, Messerschmitt B-105, to replace the Twin-Beech aircraft

2000: High-pressurespray systems installedin all three helicopters

2001: New weather monitoring equipment implemented

2002: New additionsto entomology laboratory completed and thedistrict website goesonline

2003: Messerschmitt B-105 sold leaving the district with two Hughes 500D models.

2006: ULV/GPS system installed in all district fog trucks.

2007: Third Hughes 500D Model purchased

SOURCE: Manatee County Mosquito Control District

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