Immigrants must prove worthy of U.S. citizenship

June 24, 2013 

I recently watched "The Gangs of New York" (the film about the plight of Irish immigrants arriving in New York during the Civil War). While I do not condone violence and hatred, I realized something about the Americans who mistreated the arriving Irish.

They loved their country and knew what they had was precious and valuable. It was something that their ancestors had sacrificed for and was to be guarded fiercely. Unfortunately, for some, their fear of the arriving immigrants led them to do unlawful things.

Today, we have the other extreme; we open our arms to anyone arriving at our shores, even if they are coming from countries that hate us. We allow immigrants to come in illegally and give them food stamps, welfare, free education and healthcare and what did that get us?

We have cities where an American cannot get a job unless they speak Spanish, McDonalds with Arabic menus, and "press one for English!"

Our love for our country should be cultivated in our schools and instead our universities are teaching our children to despise their own country and to be ashamed of their American heritage.

Being an American is a privilege and an honor and should be treated as such. All immigrants that come here should respect our laws by coming legally.

They should have to prove that they are worthy of the privilege of being an American by not living off of our tax dollars, assimilating into our culture, and by having enough respect for us by speaking our language which, officially or not, is English.

It is time for Americans to stand up for their country and culture and demand that those that come here are worthy of the privilege.

Chrissy Blevio


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