Manatee man charged in store theft


MANA­TEE­ -- A 25-year-old was tasered and arrested Saturday afternoon after a Circle K store clerk said she recognized him as the same man who tried to rob the store of $40 on June 15, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

Clinton Stacy entered the Circle K at 904 30th Ave. E., at 4 p.m. on Saturday and was immediately recognized by the clerk who called the Manatee Sheriff's Office, according to a news release.

The first deputy on scene was talking to Stacey, who became very nervous and was keeping his hands in his pockets.

The deputy attempted to handcuff Stacey to detain him but Stacey pushed the deputy and elbowed him, the release said.

"I can't go to jail," Stacy said as he attempted to flee.

Stacey was stopped by two additional deputies who grabbed him as they were entering the store. Stacey continued to resist.

The deputy deployed his Taser once under his left shoulder as he repeated "I can't go to jail" continuously.

Stacey was arrested without further incident. A bag of marijuana was found in his pocket, deputies said.

He is being charged with two counts battery on a law enforcement, resisting arrest with violence, theft and possession of marijuana.

Stacey was also positively identified by deputies who watched store surveillance video from June 15, the news release said.

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