Long Bar map amendment request asks for too much

June 22, 2013 

Say no to PA-13-03, the Long Bar Pointe map amendment.

We have a current Manatee County comprehensive plan that was professionally researched and presented to the taxpayers with the approval of the Board of Commissioners. This is a "no brainer."

You have a Planning Commission that provides your county commissioners with the legalities of land use and presents to them a comp plan for future guidance.

This is like the movie "Groundhog Day" where every year a builder or developer tries to amend the current comp plan. Are these builders requesting the changes to benefit the taxpayer? I think not. The sole purpose is more dollars in their pockets and total disregard for the environment.

Refuse the builder campaign dollars -- and the IOU's will be eliminated.

Growth is necessary but this proposal will change Sarasota Bay forever with 40 acres of mangroves and seagrass beds destroyed. Do you know how long it takes for seagrass to re-establish?

All this construction in a Coastal High Hazard zone. This plan goes against the state of Florida's comp plan.

I am asking county commissioners to look at comparisons of the 2008 proposal and what is currently requested. Make this an easy decision and stand tall with the 2008 approved comp plan changes.

Sometimes a proposal looks good on paper and the long-term benefits appear appealing but this recommended change is a can of worms with far more negatives than positives.

We want free-thinking, innovative commissioners who work for us and who are not waiting on a builder's call who tells them what to do. There are only two free-thinkers on this board with the other five dancing to the tune of whoever pulls their strings.

Cheryl Harrington


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