Patriot Act gives too much power to U.S. government

June 22, 2013 

The Patriot Act is in full mode operation and now has total control over all cell phones, social websites and credit card transactions for all Americans. Our president said just last week, "Nobody is listening to your phone calls."

Well, his missing word is "yet."

When all branches of our government and all "parties" in Washington agree with this infringement of our liberties, you just know something is going terribly wrong. When George W. Bush signed this bill into law, you had to be blind to the fact that this was just the beginning to our loss of privacy.

The truly amazing and frightening aspect is that the government, and only the government, will have all this control over cell phones, websites and credit card transactions; the same government who can't find its own backside with both hands, who can't digitalize the VA mess, its Department of Justice going after reporters, and the IRS who "doesn't know" and takes the Fifth Amendment and teaches its employees how to line dance with our tax dollars!

This same government sends Social Security checks to dead people; the same government gives people in prison tax refunds; the same government kills Americans with drones; the same government took $700 billion of our tax dollars and gave it to the cooked banks and financial institutions.

Both the past and this administration explain this law with two words: "national security" -- we want to keep you safe, and you must trust our judgment.

My anger is unprecedented, where is yours?

Patricia Smith


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