Administration wrong to support abortion

June 21, 2013 

President Obama recently picked a new national security advisor, referencing her commitment to "human decency." As a man who not only supports the killing of live human beings before birth but also promotes it at every opportunity, he displays the opposite: human disdain. Abortion is a gruesome and deadly matter.

Did you know that his administration uses the granting or withholding of foreign aid as a tool to coerce poor African and Asian countries to amend their constitutions to legalize abortion?

Did you know his appointments to key administrative jobs have been awash in those having backgrounds in pro-abortion activities? Sample: director of Domestic Policy Council; membership on White House Council for Faith-Based Issues; director of White House Council on Women and Girls; Secretary of State, and of Health and Human Services.

Did you notice the president is more intransigent about protecting grants to profit-making Planned Parenthood than about promoting his environmental policies?

Even those who favor abortion avoid looking at it. The recent trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, however, made us partially aware. Several babies destined for abortion beat the odds and were (unjustly?) born. The abortionist then cut their spinal cord.

The jury had little problem calling it murder.

Had it occurred several inches before birth happened, many folks would've applauded.

People, where are your morals? The invisible baby descending down the birth canal is the same as the visible newborn. Only location and connection have changed.

Anytime a woman is allowed to shed the pregnancy of an unborn baby old enough to survive outside the womb, the better response should be induced birth, medical care, adoption. She will be de-pregnant-ized; baby can live; Obamacare can pay; mother's parental connection can be severed under "abandonment," as happens currently in Florida.

Why must babies die?

Arlene Flisik


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