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Headband seeks reunion with Miami Heat’s LeBron James

A Twitter account was created for LeBron James’ headband, which went missing during Game 6. ‘I miss u lebron,’ it tweeted.

cherrera@MiamiHerald.comJune 20, 2013 

After their disappearance from the court during Game 6 of the NBA Finals, the Heat’s vital accessories are making their voices heard in the Twitter-sphere.

Twitter users can now follow LeBron James’ headband, find out how it’s feeling after losing its spot on the perch of James’ sweat-dripping forehead, get inside its cotton, nylon and spandex and really know what it’s going through.

Minutes after disappearing from the game, @Lebronzheadband tweeted: “I miss u lebron,” an obvious cry for help from the headband that has faithfully gathered James’ sweat for years.

Headband went soaring into the stands after James’ dunk with nine minutes left in regulation Tuesday night, leaving fans disoriented at the appearance of James’ naked forehead, receding hairline shining in the arena lights.

James said it was the first time he played that much without Headband since his rookie season.

Humiliation followed for Headband: “LeBron im on the sideline next to the bald camera guy help he wont stop looking at me,” it tweeted.

To its 7,271 followers, Headband has been able to give a play-by-play of its experience sans James, taking basketball fanatics behind the scenes on the true woes of an MVP’s accessory.

Still, Headband is staying positive. The displacement resulted in courtside seats. The bachelor is now looking for love, too.

“Any of y’all lady sweatbands tryna meet up in the laundry basket after the game?” he asked, followed by a winky face.

Pal Mike Miller’s shoe has taken to Twitter with its feelings, too. The shoe went missing a minute before Headband was last reported seen, right before Miller drained a three-pointer at the top of the fourth quarter.

Multiple accounts cropped up, the one with the most followers being @Millerlostshoe with 84. It announced it was still on the court waiting with James’ Headband.

Headband attempted to reach James on Wednesday morning, “txt me back.”

No word yet as to whether either accessory will be present for Thursday night’s Game 7.

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