Government unemployment, inflation reports are 'hogwash'

June 20, 2013 

Reality check! It behooves all of us to pay attention, especially when we write letters to the editor. Just because it's your opinion or that of a friend or politician does not make it factual.

First off, I see no value in the repeat of long passed Bush history; the way liberals are going they will be blaming Bush in 2020. The fairy tale about 6.3 million new jobs in a continuously contracting economy is ridiculous. Today 2013, with greater population, we have 370,000 fewer Americans employed than we had in 2008, according to the Department of Labor.

In the last eight years we have lost over 4 million manufacturing jobs and closed over 3,000 small and family-owned manufacturing concerns. Since the beginning of NAFTA and CAFTA enacted by the Republocrats, America lost 11.7 million manufacturing jobs and 56,000 small business manufacturing companies, the exact same ones that provided the highest paying jobs for blue collar workers. Americans' overall spendable income has fallen every year since 1950 (NAFTA report).

The stock market is up and keeps going up due to inflation. Just because the price of stocks is up does not mean their value is up. The value of the dollar has been falling for decades and as the dollar value declines the stock market goes up because it is valued in dollars.

Inflation as reported by the government is pure hogwash, just as the government unemployment reports. The only real way to calculate the CPI is the cost of maintaining a constant standard of living. Inflation from 2008 to 2013 has been about 10 percent annually, housing values have dropped by over 40 percent, and the reported CPI no longer measures the rise of out-of-pocket expenses, and eliminated fuel.

These government lies are cumulative.

Dr. Adrian Krieg


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