Don't approve massive Manatee County project on Coastal High Hazard site

June 19, 2013 

Manatee County respects the environment and understands the need for balances between the needs of man and habitat.

Long Bar Pointe is in a designated Coastal High Hazard area and should never be developed. In a real world compromise in 2008, Long Bar Pointe received approval to build the maximum number of units under the property's current zoning.

Now the county commissioners face the outrage of the electorate. The developers have added illegal amendments to both map and plans. The developers have donated money to the commissioners' political campaigns, and the commissioners have removed the plan's review.

The map and amendments are being sent to the state Department of Economic Opportunity. Without challenge this can go into effect in 30 days.

No! It's wrong; 2008 approval is all there is. It's what works. It's fairer than you should have, developers. The land is High Hazard! You know that!

Sybil Tennant


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