Safety from terrorism trumps personal privacy rights

June 19, 2013 

Excuse me to all those people who are appalled by finding out that our government has been given access (without our knowledge) to our phones and computers. I do not see the big deal here.

You folks who are now calling out the Patriot Act, which was brought to us by the Bush administration and continued under the Obama administration, please take a few seconds to think this through.

My first question is why are you so shocked? Hackers do it every day and I am sure they are not hacking in order to find out if you might be a terrorist.

My second question is if you are doing nothing wrong what are you worried about? I constantly see people who walk around with phones attached to their ears wherever they are: church, work, banks and streets. To me there is no privacy anymore because that is what we have turned our country into.

Now stop and think about the following: When you are having a problem with your TV, are you aware that they, in most cases, can fix your problem without ever having to send anyone to your residence? So we allow this to work for us. My question is do you worry or think about this as an invasion to your privacy? No, because our end goal is to get the TV working as soon as possible.

I have no problem with our government doing what they need to do to keep Americans safe if that means giving up some of my privacy so be it. Remember, if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about.

Katherine McDonald


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