Palmetto will decide fate of mobile food vendors Monday

jtate@bradenton.comJune 17, 2013 

PALMETTO -- The city of Palmetto is expected to vote for on an ordinance at a 7 p.m. public hearing Monday regarding mobile food vendors.

Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant said the ordinance will determine where the vendors can set up and regulate the number of vendors.

"They are required to register and purchase licenses through the city," said Bryant.

Bryant spearheaded the ordinance after noticing some parked in areas that could obstruct traffic or took up multiple parking spaces permitted to other businesses. She also said some vendors who left carts in unauthorized places could create be a hazard during hurricane season.

"They can be a missile in the midst of a hurricane," she said. "They cannot be in a permanent location."

City Clerk Jim Freeman said five mobile food vendors are registered in the city.

Palmetto officials say they are not against mobile food vendors, yet the owner of the hot dog stand "Who Let the Dogs Out" feels the regulations are not needed.

"They should just leave us alone," said owner Georgia Drakopoulos, a disabled senior. "We are trying to make an honest living."

She said she and other vendors abide by city requests

not to obstruct traffic. She said the city should focus its efforts on regulating bigger businesses with flags or other objects that obstruct drivers' view.

"There are businesses that have flying flags that distract people's view and traffic," said Drakopoulos. "Make everyone abide by the same rules."

The ordinance is up for a vote by commissioners after a public hearing.

Also during the meeting, the city will introduce an ordinance softening the mandatory requirement for the commission to meet twice a month. They will also accept a quit claim deed from the Manatee County School Board for properties located at 705 and 715 10th Avenue W. It will be the school board's contribution to Palmetto for Palmetto Elementary and ballpark projects.

Palmetto's commission workshops, which begin at 4:30 p.m., and meetings, which begin at 7 p.m., are open to the public.

Janey Tate, city of Bradenton and Palmetto reporter, can be reached at 941-745-7041. You can follow her on Twitter at Janey_Tate.

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