Looking for a pet? Visit an animal shelter

June 17, 2013 

My name is "Dog" -- at least that's what I've heard. Come into my home and visit. It's not a family home or even a dog house. It's a metal cage 36-by-36 inches I share with five other little guys.

There were six of us but 9-week-old "Gus" passed away yesterday. He was skinny, matted and had crusty secretions from his eyes and nose -- most of us do, too!

There isn't enough room in here for all of us to lie down. The back corner is three inches deep with droppings and urine. Sometimes a grouchy old guy yells "get back!" He then throws in a cup of kibble. Some lands on the feces, some drop through the wire to the stacked-up cages below.

Altogether I'd say 30 or more cages are stacked in this dark, smelly basement.

A bowl of water is a treat but most of the time it is empty.

Sometimes I cry out for my mother. She can't hear me or respond as she has six little pups nursing now.

It's not all bad; I've heard six or more of us are going to a mall pet shop tomorrow. The old grouch chooses those pups who are really cute or a popular breed. Ugly or sick pups just die here.

Please, readers, if you want a cute, sweet pup, visit an animal shelter; there are many adoptees who need rescue and your love.

Pound puppies are hundreds of dollars less than pet shop puppies. Pound puppies and dogs are also neutered and up to date on shots and are microchipped.

That's a lot to consider and you just may save a life. The shelter has beautiful kittens and cats, too.

Cindy Glover


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