Manatee school board owes citizens equal time as illegal aliens

June 17, 2013 

Last Monday, the school board meeting became a forum for promoting political agendas for illegal aliens and was allowed to continue even over the objections of legal citizens.

Children were being used by adults sitting in the audience to petition the school board to allow them to get free scholarships at college. The school board has no authority in this scheme and so it became simply a way to get television time to promote their political message.

At the beginning of the public comments section, the rules are made very clear that there is to be no political opinion expressed, and yet this was allowed to continue for over 15 minutes.

These people are clearly illegal aliens having entered our country illegally and flaunting their contempt for our laws. We spend $12 billion dollars a year for their education and yet they want more!

These illegal aliens cost the taxpayers $348.3 billion a year in health care, welfare, food assistance, social security and incarceration. Thirty percent of all federal prison inmates are illegal aliens.

All of these facts are verifiable.

There are ways to enter this country legally by getting green cards and thereby paying taxes on the income they earn or by political asylum. How many people have applied to become citizens through the legal channels only to be passed by in the rush to legalize criminals?

Shame on the school board and their attorney for letting this political action group use the school television time and board time for their own benefit.

We, the legal citizens of Manatee County, demand full and equal time at the next meeting to present our case to the school board. If you allow it for the illegals, then you must allow it for legal citizens.

Linda Schaich


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