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Special to the HeraldJune 16, 2013 

Fascinating and inspiring, fact or fiction-the worlds unexplained mysteries have always been a source of wonder and speculation. With little or no proof, what is it that keeps these phenomena in the forefront of our imaginations? Read about the "unsolved and unexplained" at the Manatee County libraries.

"The Atlantis Blueprint" by Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath is a spellbinding story that connects the mysteries of the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and other sacred sites to the ancient lost civilization of Atlantis-and warns of a planetary cataclysm that reverberates across time. Atlantis is purported to be a sophisticated maritime society that was obliterated by devastating global changes that it predicted but could not escape. This theory opens a Pandora's Box of ancient mysteries, lost worlds and fascinating riddles.

"Atlantis Found" by Clive Cussler features the indestructible hero Dirk Pitt in an investigation that leads to three mysterious artifacts that were made some ten thousand years ago in a temperate Antarctica by a long-lost civilization. Now a diabolical enemy has set a trap and the clock is ticking with devastating consequences. Dirk is racing not only to save his life-he is all that stands between Earth and Armageddon.

"Stonehenge Revealed" by David Souden uses the latest archaeological methods to provide fascinating insight into thousands of years of Stonehenge history--from the construction of the site to the rituals of the prehistoric people who lived there. More than 200 photographs provide a true sense of the mystery that surrounds this remarkable stone monument.

Bernard Cornwell's "Stonehenge" takes us back four thousand years to a world of ritual and sacrifice for a fictional take on the mysteries of Britain's most haunting and puzzling structure. Three brothers are intent on creating a massive temple: Lengar, Camaban and the youngest, Saban, who actually builds Stonehenge while trying to keep peace between his brothers. It is a dramatic story of betrayal, murder and a never-ending quest for power, wealth and spiritual fulfillment.

"The Death Relic" by bestselling author Chris Kuzneski is a compelling journey from the Mayan pyramids to the Caribbean ruins of Tulum. From the ashes and ruins of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations emerged a legend: the Spanish conquerors possessed a mysterious artifact so powerful and deadly that it was known and the Death Relic. When archaeologist Maria Pelati's research team disappears in the Yucatán, she embarks on a rescue mission and soon realizes that her research could be the key to solving one of the darkest mysteries of the New World and unearthing the secret of the Death Relic.

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