On sales tax vote, ignore fear mongering, innuendo

June 16, 2013 

I would like to encourage people to look beyond the fear mongering, the innuendo, the "spin" and the outright lies that are, unfortunately, besmearing the debate on the half-penny tax referendum.

Quite simply, as citizens of Manatee County, would you like to live in a community that has a system of healthcare in place that will effectively and efficiently provide care to everyone?

Such a system will provide care to the majority of the service industry workers, the backbone of the Manatee County workforce, who rarely have health insurance. It will ensure that emergency rooms are serving those who truly need emergency care, while those needing primary care attention are diverted to less costly medical providers.

It will help provide the behavioral and mental health care that because of lack of funding is too often the root cause of homelessness for individuals and families.

We have the opportunity now to fund such a system with the plan for oversight to create and implement this system, and the support of many of our business and healthcare professionals who need this system.

Vote yes now, and spread the cost of this system of healthcare to all taxpayers, or vote no now, and don't complain about your property taxes being raised later to fund this healthcare system for Manatee County.

Linda Heaton Gaines


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