Long Bar Pointe project carries many negative impacts

June 16, 2013 

As a 32-year-long resident (formerly of Village Green), I dare to say here we go again with another attractive (?) project, Long Bar Pointe (why the French version of "point?").

Why do we need to obey big money again? We, the year-round citizens, are annually asked to conserve water as soon as the snowbirds go home up north

What about the traffic problems at the circle at 75th Street and 53rd Avenue West in case of an evacuation? What about the effects on the village of Cortez, a jewel in our area, the wildlife, the tranquility of Sarasota Bay in the location of the planned development?

Every conscientious citizen should be upset with all the promises of "big jobs," etc. Do the developers care about our lifestyles and what makes the Bradenton/Anna Maria Island so attractive to visitors and us? I have my doubts.

Dear county commissioners: Please, listen to your conscience and hearts about nature and not to overly anxious developers to invade our lives.

Maria Schroeder


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