Decide sales tax vote on facts, not fear tactics

June 15, 2013 

I've been watching the debate about the proposed half penny tax for health care in Manatee County and I must say I am disappointed.

Although this is a community issue, is nonpartisan, and I believe should be decided by what is the best way to solve the problem of paying for indigent healthcare, it has become just another issue that is starting to get politically ugly.

Opponents to the tax use the typical "don't trust government" and fear tactics to try to sway voters. Supporters try to emphasize the tax advantages, which were not really relevant until the administrator presented the new budget.

Can't we decide on the facts?

The fund to pay for health care for the uninsured and underinsured in our community will run out -- seems to be no dispute about that. How will we pay for care in the future?

With no alternatives proposed by the opposition, this proposal seems like a responsible solution which spreads the tax burden more equitably, especially attractive since visitors will contribute up to a third of the revenue generated.

I support this, and urge you to consider the many solid endorsements the proposal has earned. Vote "yes" for the half penny tax on June 18.

Martha Childress


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