Florida foolish to reject Medicaid money

June 15, 2013 

Regarding the half percent sales tax vote, this is a very humanitarian and charitable thing to do (in theory) to help pay for medical care for indigents. But I am reminded of a recent news article.

It was about our state government refusing tax monies that we have already paid to the federal government and were being offered to Florida (as their percentage) to provide help for medical (Medicaid) care for indigents.

It seems that I read that our state legislators refused to take this money and that this refused money would then go to other states for the same purpose!

Now, we the people of Florida are being asked to give more of our money for the same purpose.

What the heck is wrong with this picture? Who's side is our state government on? I don't think they put the people of Florida first.

William Giunta


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