Mills manages Manatee Schools message to parents and staff


Superintendent Rick Mills is working to control his budget message.

Mills sent financial recovery plans and a summary of the budget workshop Wednesday to each school principal with instructions on how to make the information available to parents.

In his directive, Mills said principals can use one or more of the following five options to help parents access the information:

1. Post the letter on the school district website and send a note home to parents informing them where to find the letter.

2. Send a note home to parents that the letter is posted on the Manatee District website at under "HOT TOPICS."

Parents will be able to view the contents of the letter and watch a video of the actual workshop where the budget priorities were presented to the School Board.

3. Send parents a Connect-Ed message about the letter and direct them to the school or Manatee District websites to view it.

4. Distribute information about the letter through SAC, PTO, or other school groups.

5. Keep a copy of the letter in the school office for parents to read if asked.

The "Budget Workshop Summary" also serves as a follow up to Mills' Connect-Ed phone message sent to all district employees and parents last week, according to the district.

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