Journalism Next: Bittersweet times abound around ODA graduation

Special to the HeraldMay 20, 2013 

When was the last time you saw someone and it turned out to be the last time you'd ever see them again?

For seniors, this situation is all too real.

Within the next few weeks, seniors will have monumental "last times," mostly without even realizing it. They could be distracted or simply unaware, but one day they will wonder about the last time -- for a lot of people and activities.

Experiences fly by us every day -- small things like smiling at a school crush, having lunch with friends or high-fiving a teacher as you pass him in the hallway -- and we pass through them without recognizing the experience can never be re-lived.

Think about it.

Today might be the last time you ever avoid a teacher for not doing last night's homework, or the last time you check in late at the front office and come to class with an infamous "Overslept" or "Just Late" sticker.

Today might be the last day you ever hear "Greetings math fans!" as you drudge in to first-period math with the always enthusiastic Mr. Singer, or hear an awkward "good talk" from Mr. Sommers after no one laughs at his (spot-on) impersonation of every president; the last time you are able to tweet using hashtag "#SeniorProblems" or "#OnlyAtODA"; the last time your teacher yells at you to get off Facebook; or

the last time you ignore her request. (Admit it. It has happened to the best of us).

When will we become aware that this time in our life is passing? Will it be when our adviser gives us a goodbye card or will it be when we walk across the stage to receive our diplomas?

We can't tell when the realization will hit us.

For some of us, this next month might the last time we will ever live in Florida. As summer comes, we will each go our separate ways with family vacations, internships or summer classes.

After today, there really is no guarantee the seniors will all be together as a class ever again (besides graduation, of course).

As we experience these last few days of our high-school lives, it's important to cherish these moments and appreciate the incredible opportunities we've been given. Thank your teachers, hug your friends (and try not to cry) as we close these chapters of our lives.

In honor of last times, we are about to publish a last article for the ODA Bolt, for the last time in Ms. Giraud's journalism class. Goodbye, ODA Bolt. It's a school day Friday. The last one.

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