High-speed chase in Miami ends up with suspect hiding under woman's bed

The Miami HeraldMay 18, 2013 

MIAMI -- A high-speedpursuit that started nearJackson Memorial Hospital and continued onto Inter-state 95 ended with a crashed police car and a suspectthat bolted from his Toyota Corolla, ran into a houseand hid under a woman's bed.

The suspect: a convicted felon who was recently released from prison.

The pursuit began at Northwest Third Avenue and 18th Street when Miami-Dade police approached the suspect's vehicle, which matched the description of a robbery vehicle. The suspect slowed down, threw a gun out the window, and then sped off, according to Miami-Dade police.

According to witnesses, the car sped onto U.S. 1 at Southwest 17th Avenue near Coconut Grove, where a Miami police car crashed as a result of the chase, said Miami police spokesman Freddie Cruz. The Miami police car was not involved in the chase, and the officer was taken to Mercy Hospital after suffering minor injuries.

The suspect crashed into various civilian cars until coming to a stop at Southwest 32nd Avenue and 23rd Terrace.

That was when he tried to escape by entering a house in the neighborhood. He knocked on the back door and was let in.

"My dad said to go inside because they were looking for someone," said Betzabel Guio, 20. "When I got inside, I see the guy standing in the kitchen next to my mom."

The suspect was unarmed. Guio's mother, Lidia Puig, had let him into the house thinking he was Guio's father, Iran Valle.

"He was saying, 'Please don't call the cops,'" Guio said. "He was just begging."

Guio notified police that the suspect was in the house, but after a thorough search of the house, police were unable to find him.

When they left, Guio set out to find him.

He was hiding under the covers of the bed in her mother's room.

"My mom always makes her bed and it wasn't made," she said. "I thought it was weird. I just had a feeling."

Guio found him and called police, who later found him hiding under the bed.

"The first time I saw him I freaked out because I didn't know if he had a knife or anything," Guio said.

"He wasn't aggressive. He wasn't scary. He was just scared."

The suspect was arrested. Police, who did not release his name, are investigating.

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