Two teens arrested for beating at Siesta Key Beach

May 16, 2013 

— The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has arrested two Sarasota teenagers for beating a third teen at Siesta Key beach just after midnight May 6.

Witnesses told detectives Devin Roman, 19, of the 6000 block on McKown Road, Sarasota, and a 15-year-old boy, attacked 17-year-old Chance Prater after he tried to intervene when the two threatened to beat up his friend. Roman and his co-defendant allegedly punched Prater several times and rendered him unconscious.

Witnesses also reported the 15-year-old suspect ordered them not to assist the victim.

During the investigation detectives learned Roman and his co-defendant were at Walgreen’s about an hour after the crime and were overheard discussing the attack. The 15-year old had blood on his hands and the two paid with a blood-stained $5 bill.

Roman and his co-defendant are charged with one count each of misdemeanor battery.

Detectives would still like to speak with anyone who has additional information about this case. Call 941-861-4928.

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