IMG funds on Florida Tax Watch turkey list

May 16, 2013 

— The annual Florida TaxWatch Turkey Watch has targeted the $2.3 million in state funds earmarked in the for IMG Academy in Bradenton.

The annual list published by the watchdog group says line items from the proposed state budget that make their list of turkeys does not signify a judgment of a project’s worthiness.

The group says the list includes funds for "legislative projects placed in the budget without proper opportunity for public review and debate, which circumvent lawfully established procedures, or which non-competitively benefit a very limited special interest or local area of the state."

IMG is hoping to be able to use the funds to attract larger sporting events to the facility.

Not on TaxWatch's list is $5 million in the proposed budget for the rowing center at Benderson Park in Sarasota County on the Manatee County line.

In all, Florida TaxWatch identified 107 projects, worth a total of $106.8 million, that it recommended Gov. Rick Scott consider in his line-item process.

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