Balmoral Gate closure debate resumes today

dgraham@bradenton.comMay 14, 2013 

LAKEWOOD RANCH -- The future of Balmoral gatehouse could be determined at a joint meeting of all three districts serving the country club at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at town hall.

In preparation, Community Development District 6, serving Country Club West, met separately Monday.

The workshop today will also include CCD District 5, serving Country Club, and District 2, serving Country Club and Edgewater.

"I wanted to be sure that whatever we did, it would not increase resident traffic in CDD 2 on the Masters Avenue between Legacy and Lakewood Ranch boulevards, and that we have to determine guest policy before proceeding as it would affect possible physical changes at the gate

and the cost," said Richard Williams, District 6 vice chairman.

Steve Zielinski Lakewood Ranch chief financial officer, presented the potential cost of several scenarios for the three CDDs at the District 6 workshop.

Two options included allocating the cost of running the gates by equal shares per district or splitting the expense on a proportional economic distribution per unit basis, which is roughly dividing the cost by household per district.

"Mainly the Board discussed what opportunities exist in modifying District 6 infrastructure to improve safety and noise concerns along the Balmoral Avenue," said Ryan Heise, director of operations.

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