Celebrating moms and their wise advice

jmorreale@bradenton.comMay 12, 2013 

In celebration of Mother's Day, the Herald is sponsoring an online photo contest featuring the best advice mom ever gave you. Here are just some of the submissions. It seems our local moms are very wise.

Their good advice ranges from "be true to yourself" to the timeless classic "always wear clean underwear."

It's not too late to enter (the deadline is Wednesday). Take a picture of you and your mom celebrating the day and submit it. And, if you didn't get her a card or a present, she may still be able to win one of the fabulous prizes.

How does it work?

• Go to www.bradenton.com/contests and submit your favorite photo of your mom.

• Include the best advice she ever gave you.

• We'll showcase the photos and advice under the "All Entries" tab.

• Anyone can register to view the entries and vote for their favorite. You can vote once a day until voting ends Wednesday.


The top three entries with the most votes will receive a prize:

First place: Two round-trip tickets aboard the Key West Express

Second place: $100 gift certificate to Pierro Jewelers

Third place: $50 gift certificate to Demetrios' Pizza House.


1. Best advice from Mom: "Never love a boy so much you forget to love yourself."

Screen name: magpie013

2. Best advice from Mom: It's funny how advice from your mom never really matters until there comes a time and place in your life when you need it. "Stay strong and never depend on anyone but yourself!" Love you Mom. 2/3/1962-1/8/2013

Screen name: skmorgan1

3. Best advice from Mom: "NEVER lower your standards to raise anyone else's!" Living by this has gotten me really far. Thanks Mommy!

Screen name: Sheyona

4. Best advice from Mom: "Don't sweat the small stuff because the years are going to fly by!"

Screen name: Sharrel1

5. Best advice from Mom: "When there's bad luck there's always good luck coming soon."

Screen name: moosekicke

6. Best advice from Mom: "Follow your heart in everything you do. Never take life for granted."

Screen name: StephEslin

7. Best advice from Mom: This is exactly what she told me. "Always be yourself. If someone doesn't like you for who you are, there's clearly something wrong with them!" Ah, a mother's perspective :-)

Screen name: sbuete

8. Best advice from Mom: "Achieve your dreams and don't ever give them up!" "I will be right here pushing you to reach for the stars baby girl."

Screen name: Cayleexo

9. Best advice from Mom: The best advice my mom ever have me was: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." She taught me the golden rule when I was a toddler. She has taught me about respect and to always dream big and reach for the stars. I love her.

Screen name: Toryhollis

10. Best advice from Mom: When I became a mom myself she told me: "Cherish every moment, before you know it they are all grown up" and then she teared up. She is right though.

Screen name: Amanda23

11. Best advice from Mom: "No matter what you go through in life it will always make you stronger in some way." I battled with serious health problems throughout my entire childhood and I was always treated as a normal child. Now that I am an adult I thank my mother for all the values and virtues that she taught me as kid. She has battled with her share of health problems as well and now I can remind her of the same. "It will always make you stronger"

Screen name: guerita32

12. Best advice from Mom: "No matter what hand you are dealt, fight for what you believe in and for what you love. Do this, and you will find YOUR true joy and happiness."

Screen name: madkins5

13. Best advice from Mom: "Always make sure you have clean underwear on, in case you have to go the hospital!"

Screen name: Supermom

14. Best advice from Mom: "Always be yourself and respect yourself and good things will come to you, never change who you are for anyone."

Screen name: yetta68

15. Best advice from Mom: "You can be anything you want to be and do your best."

Screen name: jayladawes

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