Is there enforceable, effective gun control?

May 11, 2013 

Impassioned letters plead for gun control laws and attack Sen. Marco Rubio for voting no. Questions remain unanswered, unasked.

Adam Lanza took his mother Nancy's guns and shot 28 people. Would the proposed legislation have prevented that? Prevented her from buying a number of guns? Leaving them accessible? Taking her son to target practice?

Do you know any private citizen who owns more than one gun? I do.

How many guns are already out there? Google, anyone? How many gun control laws have already been enacted? More Google. Do they work? Are they enforced?

How many criminology studies have been done on where criminals get and have gotten guns? What do they conclude? Somebody look it up.

Are bad guys likely to go to a gun store? Or would they more likely ask around and buy from a friend of a friend who sells stolen weapons out of the back of his car?

The surge of demand for more gun laws following the Newtown shootings reminds one of a BBC program, "Something must be done! This is something. Therefore it must be done."

It reminds me of a condo board troubled by rowdy residents. So they passed a rule limiting the number of units that could be rented out, but did nothing about rowdy unit owners. The remedy was not specific to the problem. More careful screening of prospective buyers/renters would have been more effective.

Is there such a thing as practical, effective, enforceable gun control legislation? Let the wisdom of the public be heard.

Rosalie Rosenfeld


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