Sarasota police applauds 10-year-old boy who helped toddler from drowning

May 8, 2013 

Sarasota Police Department just released the following:

The Sarasota Police Department congratulates ten-year-old Alexander Castanon for his part in saving the life of a drowning three-year-old.

On April 20, 2013, in the evening, Castanon was swimming in his apartment complex pool at Signal Pointe Cr, along with a three- year-old neighbor, Natalee and her adult guardian.

Natalee was wearing a floatation ring. The adult jumped out of the pool when a fire started in the grill nearby. While the adult put out the fire, Castanon noticed that Natalee was floating face down in the water. Castanon quickly pulled Natalee to safety and yelled for help. The adult ran over and began CPR.

Natalee began breathing on her own. Natalee was transported to the hospital via Bayflite. She is doing just fine now, thanks to Alexander Castanon’s quick response.

The Sarasota Police Department applauds Alexander Castanon for his heroism.

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